I Disconnected the Battery From a 2006 Impala LT and Now it Won't Start?

Answer If you have disconnected the battery cables to your 2006 Chevy Impala LT, make sure you have reconnected the cables before starting the car. If you have done this, and the car still won't start, th... Read More »

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How to Change the Battery on a 2006 Impala SS?

When it comes time to change the battery on a 2006 Impala SS you had better have an afternoon free. The 2006 Impala is designed differently from other years and has the battery tucked under the fra... Read More »

How long can a laptop with a good battery last after being disconnected from source of electricity?

Mine lasts between 3.5-6 hours depending on what I'm doing. It will last about 20 hours if it's not being used or sleeping.

How to Remove a Battery From a 5.3L 2007 Impala?

The battery in a 2007 Chevrolet Impala is stored in the engine compartment of the car. The battery has a life of approximately 4 years before it starts to get weak. It's a good idea to test the bat... Read More »

My Sunroof Won't Work After the Battery is Disconnected?

Troubleshooting electrical issues with a car's sunroof can be difficult. The wire harnesses are tucked into the doors and the ceiling making them difficult to work on. Diagnosing the system should ... Read More »