I Can't Get the Toilet Unclogged?

Answer Toilet clogs happen suddenly when too much material is flushed at once, creating either a partial or complete obstruction in the toilet's drain line. A clog may become lodged near the drain opening... Read More »

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How do you get your ear unclogged when you get water in it?

this may sound really wierd but if i'm still in the water.. if i hit the ear that has water in it against the surface of the water somehow it clears it. i guess it suctions it out or something haha... Read More »

My ear is clogged up and i can't seem to get it unclogged?

It may even be due to minor infection in which case you have to go to the doctor.

How do you unclogged a drain pipe vent?

Which way do you twist the valve underneath the toilet to turn off the water Left or right facing toilet?