I Can't Get the Toilet Unclogged?

Answer Toilet clogs happen suddenly when too much material is flushed at once, creating either a partial or complete obstruction in the toilet's drain line. A clog may become lodged near the drain opening... Read More »

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Cancer, cant go to toilet because of medication?

eating prunes will help, plus having a tablespoon of mineral oil, available at any pharmacy, will help as well. But before giving any kind of laxative he should be checked to be sure there isn't a ... Read More »

I have ibs and cant go to the toilet i get really bad backpains and my belly swells up is ther anythin i cn do?

I've been through CT scans, MRIs, lower GIs, blood tests, stool tests, food allergy test and other tests during the past 5 years. Here's what has helped me reduce my IBS symptoms by 95%...My D.O. ... Read More »

My ear is clogged up and i can't seem to get it unclogged?

It may even be due to minor infection in which case you have to go to the doctor.

How do you get your ear unclogged when you get water in it?

this may sound really wierd but if i'm still in the water.. if i hit the ear that has water in it against the surface of the water somehow it clears it. i guess it suctions it out or something haha... Read More »