I Can't Get A Loan For College! Any ideas?

Answer Is it safe to assume that you and your parents have filled out and submitted your FAFSA form to the Department of Education? The FAFSA is the jumping-off point for all federal financial assistance.... Read More »

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Looking for college loan.but not through mine college or a local bank.any one try out any of the on -line ones?

me too! let me know if you find anything! :)

What Happens if you cant pay back a student loan. Due to low income?

Your only option is to repay... even a small amount, every month, until it's paid off. Even if they complain and say you aren't paying enough, they aren't going to send any money back to you becas... Read More »

I didnt get any finanical aid and i cant get a loan because i dont have a worthy co-signer? Fargo Education Financial ServicesPO Box 5115Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5115800-658-3567Student must be enrolled in a half-time undergraduate or graduate program in an... Read More »

College loans. Cant pay them and being sued.?

What company did he take out a loan with? I've never heard of a student being sued because he didn't make his payments. I know MANY students who don't make their payments and if anything, they are ... Read More »