I CANNOT STOP! please help me.?

Answer Yes the air bubbles accumulate causing future damages of arthritis. SO YOU MUST STOP!! After a while you get used to not doing it, but first stopping is the difficult par that you have to concentra... Read More »

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I cannot delete a file as file location cannot be found, please help?

did you remove the file in an un-installment?

I cannot stop binge eating, plz help?

You have probably stretched your stomach. The key is getting that under control so you aren't so hungry anymore. Weight' Watcher's motto of "rest and re assess" has helped me stop eating so much. I... Read More »

I cannot refresh my desktop.Please help?

U have to reinstall the OS again or you should have a programme to repair the OS. There is no other go.You need to format only default C drive and not other backup partition drives.

I cannot lose or gain weight! help please.?

It depends on how long you've been at your current weight. The human body tends to get comfortable with it's weight after a couple of years and doesn't want to change. So, while you can bust your... Read More »