I BEG you to READ THIS!!?

Answer Cool!!!! I can't wait to try it!!

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Tokio Hotel Family: if you read the Georg & Bill question, read this too ='( 5 minutes long but important...?

How do you define a single parent I just read this, and was shocked people had this view...?

lmao! i feel special! :) well i define a single parent as one that is apart from the other, doesn't live with them, and maybe gets some financial help (not exactly oxford dictionary standards, but ... Read More »

This is this!!! Sorry if it is 2 long!?

Hey thanks for letting me know, but u should really consider getting Caller ID b/c if i dont reconize the number or if is not from my area code, i dont answer b/c most of the time is just people ca... Read More »

My premature grandson now 8 months old has started sticking his tongue out a lot. I have read that this could be a symptom of cerebral palsy. Is this normal and common?

Yes, it is part of normal development, he's learning to use his tongue. If this is his only symptom of CP I would not be worried, if he has other symptoms or motor delays that go outside his adjust... Read More »