I AM DESPERATE! Please, I need someone who knows about RAM and space on computers!?

Answer .You are on the right track, and you've done well so far.Removing programs you don't use, Disk Clean Up, and Defrag are all great steps to helping your computer work more efficiently.But I'm guessi... Read More »

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When was computers used by nasa for space?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Why do computers determine if Space Shuttles will launch or not?

The Shuttles are extremely complex pieces of machinery, with literally thousands of parts and extremely volatile chemicals (solid and liquid) that must function properly together in order for a suc... Read More »

Can the space station or space shuttle launch space probes?

I have 6 computers and 1 broad band connected in a Lan network. How to share internet with all computers .?

You need at least a 6 port router, preferable a wireless one.