I 24 year old my parents love me allot because i am alone son after three sister?

Answer Have faith in yourself. Know you can make an impact on the world around you. Find a good job, and join a club which would allow you to meet others.I wish you well.

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If you saw your 15 year old sister making out with her boyfriend should you tell your parents?

Probably. GET HER IN TROUBLE! Just kidding. She's 15 years old, she's old enough to date and even make out. Well, it depends if the parents approve of this boyfriend or not. Answer: Don't tell your... Read More »

In Canada AB cana 14 year old Choose to Live with her Sister other than her neglcting parents?

Is it wrong to assist your 18 year-old sister-in-law with getting a tattoo when it is tasteful and concealed but against her parents and your wife's wishes?

It may or may not be against the law, depending on where you live, but doing that is certainly stupid.

If a sister interfere in brother's love life even with good intentions she is called meddler jealous or controlling while brother interfere in sister's love life he is considered protective - Why?

Because men are superior to women; didn't you get the memo? (Note: I don't actually believe this, but this isn't really a "question", it's a complaint, and the reason for it is basically people wh... Read More »