Hyundai Elantra Battery Terminal Removal?

Answer The battery of the Hyundai Elantra is the initial source of power for starting the vehicle. The battery also provides power for electronics while the car is off and provides additional power when t... Read More »

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2002 Hyundai Elantra Rotor Removal?

The rotors on the Hyundai Elantra are part of the braking system designed to slow down the vehicle. When the brake pedal is depressed, the brake caliper piston forces the brake pads together, clamp... Read More »

GM Battery Terminal Removal?

When changing or cleaning the battery in a GM vehicle, there are really only two ways to remove the terminal connections. GM has only used two types of batteries in their vehicles, side post or top... Read More »

Ford Freestar Battery Terminal Removal?

The battery cable end on a Ford Freestar is often mistakenly referred to as a battery terminal. The cable end is pressed onto the end of the battery cable by machine at the manufacturing plant. Onc... Read More »

What are the Differences Between the Hyundai Elantra GLS & the Hyundai SE?

The Hyundai Elantra was first introduced in 1991 by the Korean automaker and was available in the GLS, SE and Limited models. According to, the early models of the Elantra had a reputat... Read More »