Hypoid Oil Vs. High Viscosity Oil?

Answer Oils are used to protect moving parts from overheating, corrosion and wear. The type of moving parts, such as gears, dictates lubrication requirements.

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What oil has the best viscosity index at high temps?

The oils with the best VI values at high temperatures are polyalphaolefin-based, synthetic oils. Viscosity Index (VI) is used to describe the dependence of the viscosity, or thickness, of an oil on... Read More »

Why does corn syrup have high viscosity?

Corn syrup is very dense and sticky, so it flows very slowly, meaning that its viscosity is high. Viscosity is measured in centipoises, and the measure of corn syrup is between 2,000 and 3,000 cent... Read More »

Recommended Oil Viscosity for High Mileage Oil Leaks?

Any car, especially as it accrues more mileage, is susceptible to oil leaks and consuming oil. However, there are a few tricks and procedures that can be used to help plug up oil leaks and to preve... Read More »

What Is Hypoid Gear Oil?

If you work with motorcycles or perform your own transmission fluid changes, you will have been introduced to gear oil and specifically hypoid oil at some point in your mechanical learning. That sa... Read More »