HyperCam help It wont stop recording?

Answer you need to get hyper and throw the dam thing on the floor and stomp all over it, haha, then it will close its stupid hyperwindow for good :)SLTall i'm missing is U

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Help drunk 14 year old boy passed out throwing up and heaving oudly 911 is 30 mins away help he wont stop?

monitor the situation to be sure he is still breathing and await medical helpif he starts to choke force him to side if that dosnt work start cpr if your trained

Why Wont My Period Stop Please Help!?

Sometimes your body goes haywire and your periods get messed up or even stop this is normal especially if youve only started your period a year ago. Remember your body is still developing and it's ... Read More »

Help friend wont stop bleeding?

He is probably deficient in vitamin K. There is plenty of vitamin K in broccoli and spinach.

My eyes wont stop seeing blotches. Help?