Hyper cam help?

Answer Open hypercam, and find the tab that shows you the shortcuts to recording, pausing and taking a screen shot, I believe it is the second or third one. The default shortcuts are F2, F3 and F4. To sta... Read More »

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What Are The Symptoms of a Hyper Extended Knee Please Help?

Yes, you may have injured your knee by hyperextending it. But the way you describe the symptoms makes me think that it could also be a strained hamstring muscle in the back of your leg.Your knee h... Read More »

Would a hyper polyglot glossolalia of 21 times 5 be the worlds greatest hyper polyglot five times the native dance hand sign form pure hand only letter form music forms vocal instrumental?

Vogon Poetry is not allowed on this site; as it could cause someone to chew off their leg in order to slide under their computer desk and escape.See related links.

How do you get hyper?

At times ( mostly at night I just humm and shake around

How to Become Hyper?

Boundless energy… Can’t sit down… Must do something… Faster… Mind racing - Ten feet tall and bullet proof - Ready to move mountainsThis can be an incredibly exciting experi... Read More »