Hydroquinone for Tattoo Removal?

Answer Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching agent and is used as the active ingredient in creams to fade unwanted tattoos. It also is used to fade liver spots, moles, freckles and any other darker spots on th... Read More »

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Tattoo Removal, help!?

Don't beat yourself up over a past decision like a tattoo. 2 options for removal are surgical excision or laser treatments. Each have their pros & cons. Black ink on fair to medium untanned skin t... Read More »

Tattoo Removal?

There are all kinds of motivations behind tattoo removal. Often, people get tattoos in their youth and find them less attractive and less appropriate as they age. estimates that 10 percen... Read More »

Tattoo Removal Treatment?

The primary way to remove tattoos is through laser removal. It provides the most thorough results with no scarring. When laser treatment is not possible, other treatments are available, though they... Read More »

Tattoo Removal Facts?

The most common and effective form of tattoo removal is through the use of lasers. This process has been in use for many years, beginning in the 1980s. At the time when laser tattoo removal was fir... Read More »