Hydrogen Sulfide Safety?

Answer Hydrogen sulfide is a compound with the molecular formula H2S. It's colorless, flammable, toxic and extremely malodorous. Hydrogen sulfide is perhaps best known as the chemical that gives rotten eg... Read More »

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Is hydrogen sulfide a gas?

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, highly flammable and explosive gas that smells like rotten eggs. It is produced as organic matter decays or as a by-product of industrial processes such as road pav... Read More »

Is hydrogen sulfide toxic?

Hydrogen sulfide is toxic. Hydrogen sulfide is also flammable. It is a colorless gas that possesses a characteristic rotten egg odor. As the concentration of hydrogen sulfide increases, the odor be... Read More »

How to Conduct Hydrogen Sulfide Test?

Hydrogen sulfide mostly occurs in natural gases, hot springs and crude petroleum and is caused by bacterial break down and human and animal wastes. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless gas that smells l... Read More »

Is hydrogen sulfide a hazardous material?

Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic and therefore hazardous chemical. Its most common form is as a gas and the inhaling of it at minute concentrations may cause brain damage or coma. It is recognize... Read More »