Hydrogen Peroxide & Bad Breath?

Answer There are many causes of bad breath, but proper oral hygiene can help to prevent embarrassing odors and serious problems. Hydrogen peroxide is a useful product in eliminating bad breath and maintai... Read More »

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Where i can get hydrogen peroxide?

Any drug store. It's with the first aid stuff, usually on the lowest shelf, in a dark brown bottle.

Can you buy hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations is a very safe product and has many household uses. It is available for purchase. It can be used for cleaning, bleaching for first aid on cuts and even in to... Read More »

Hydrogen peroxide?

Ingestion of dilute solutions of hydrogen peroxide may resultin vomiting, mild gastrointestinal irritation, gastric distension,and on rare occasions, gastrointestinal erosions or embolism(blockage ... Read More »

Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide 35?

Hydrogen peroxide 35 percent is referred to as food grade hydrogen peroxide. It contains two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen, making a compound much like water (H2O) but with an extra oxy... Read More »