Hydrocodone and a ua test?

Answer You are fine,,, it's out in 72 hours,,,I've taken the screen a bunch of times on opiates,, my freedom depended on me knowing this one

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10 panel urine drug test/hydrocodone?

If it was not legitimately used there is no legitimate way to clean it out. Now put your heart back in your chest and relax. Hydrocodone and and similar opiates drop below the detection levels of e... Read More »

Would 1/2 of a 7.5 hydrocodone every other day show up on a drug test?

Yeah.. and that frequently it would give you levels of a daily user.

Withdraws from Hydrocodone!?

You shouldnt have been taking near that many a day, I mean I know your in pain but you shouldnt have been flooding your system with tabs just to make it go away. Tabs are prolly one the most addict... Read More »

Asking Doctor for Hydrocodone?

You should go to a pain specialists. Not a regular doctor.