Hydroco/apap vs ibuprofen 600?

Answer The former is likely to be stronger than the latter (if that's what you want to know).

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Does Ibuprofen contain Acetaminophen I want to take Ibuprofen and tylenol together for my toooth.?

No it does not. You can take them for your tooth together, it is perfectly safe. Do not go over the recommended dosages.

Is it bad to mix Ibuprofen 800mg's with Ibuprofen pm's?

Your okay. you can take up to 2400mg of ibuprofen a day. It's best and easier on your stomach if you don't take more than 800mg in 8 hours. Make sure you space them out and eat something before ... Read More »

How many ibuprofen to OD?

Just what "good purpose" is 10 of any pill supposed to serve? You are fooling yourself. Call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 if you actually want meaningful help. Later it would be prudent to g... Read More »

Is 50 Just Like 40, But With More Ibuprofen?

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