Hydraulic & Electric Brake Systems?

Answer Automotive brake systems are designed to slow and stop the wheels of a vehicle. There are essentially two different types of brake system, the conventional friction brake and the electric, or elect... Read More »

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Different Hydraulic Systems?

Hydraulics use fluid power under high pressure to lift or to support a load. Every hydraulic system takes fluid from a reservoir through a pump to a selector control valve. This fluid flows from t... Read More »

How Hydraulic Braking Systems Work?

Hydraulic braking systems are powerful, reliable systems relied on in automobiles and other vehicles. These systems generally involve a master cylinder, hydraulic fluid, hydraulic lines and one or ... Read More »

How to Determine Pressure Needed for Hydraulic Systems?

Hydraulic systems normally work with fluids that are stored under a great deal of pressure. Having the right amount of pressure for hydraulic systems can increase work efficiency and reduce mechani... Read More »

Are the flaps on airplanes pneumatic or hydraulic systems?

The flaps on an airplane are usually hydraulic rather than pneumatic. Some aircraft have flaps that operate through electric motors. Hydraulics are used for flaps, landing gear and brakes. Hydrauli... Read More »