Hydrating Skin Cream Tips?

Answer Skin hydration is a crucial aspect of any good skincare regimen. Whether through a consultation with your dermatologist or trial and error with drug store products, it is important to find a moistu... Read More »

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Why is E45 so good at hydrating dry skin?

does it do wrinkles :o? think i might need a bucketload :oX

Does Nu Skin creamy hydrating masque work?

On One Hand: Get Rid of Dry SkinNu Skin's creamy hydrating masque promises to rid your face of dry skin and bring out a glowing layer that you have never seen before. According to,... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Soap That Is More Hydrating to Mature Skin?

As you age, your skin naturally loses some elasticity and becomes dryer. Over-the-counter soaps and lotions may make the problem worse because the chemicals and artificial fragrances further dry ou... Read More »

What anti-aging + Hydrating Skin Product would you recommend ?

Many get sucked into buying anti wrinkle and anti aging and many similar products- despite many findings that they have proven to be ineffective or totally scam ones.See Consumer Reports results of... Read More »