Hwo can i get skinny without not eating?

Answer By the basics:Eat right and exercise.If you're too lazy to make time for working out, sucks for you.

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Does eating Chinese Food keep you skinny?

No.. Especially if you keep eating Americanized Chinese food in American portion! You would gain more weight!American portion is HUGE! Most American Restaurants here in Hong Kong warn their custo... Read More »

Why are teens skinny despite eating tons of fast food and other junk?

How to Get Skinny Without Starving or Throwing Up?

If your goal is to be skinny, weight loss is required. However, starving yourself or throwing up to lose weight are harsh tactics with detrimental consequences. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disord... Read More »

How do i make skinny jeans without sewing?

Choose Your JeansStep into your jeans and button them as usual. This no-sew process works best with jeans that fit you closely from the knees up, but that have straight or slightly flared legs.The ... Read More »