Hwhat are the chances of having a normal baby with sickle cell anemia?

Answer No, both parents must have the recessive gene for it to become dominant.

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Can a person with sickle cell anemia get a tattoo?

Yes, it would not prevent it, however, if they are being treated, they should discuss it with their physician to avoid problems with medication preventing clotting or similar issues.

Are abortions safe for women with sickle cell anemia?

On One Hand: Sickle cell and abortion procedure safety.The Information Center for Sickle Cell and Thalassemic Disorders gives no medical indication that abortion isn't a safe procedure for patients... Read More »

Can Sickle Cell Anemia spread?

No, Sickle Cell Anemia isn't contagious, is an inherited autosomal co-dominant genetic condition characterized by sickle (crescent) shaped red blood cells and chronic anemia caused by excessive des... Read More »

Can you die from sickle cell anemia?

On One Hand: Serious RisksIndividuals with sickle cell anemia--many call it sickle cell disease or SCD--are at serious risk of stroke; pneumonia, which leads to acute chest syndrome; bacterial infe... Read More »