Husband wants sex after hip surgery?

Answer Not only is it could c ause your hip to break again...or come least....I find this totally unbelievable that a man could be so uncaring. I would have a hard time respecti... Read More »

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Your husband wants to suck your milk everyday and wants you not to stop feeding him even after your baby stop feeding will this harm your health?

No, not at all. infact the longer you breastfeed, whether it be child or partner, the more benefits you gain. the risk of developing a number of different cancers, such as ovarian, uterus, breast,... Read More »

My ex husband wants to sign over rights my fiance wants to adopt what steps do we need to take?

Is it safe to be pregnant after MVR heart surgery and taking medicine for it after surgery during pregnancy?

Check with your doctor if the package directions do not tell you the answer.

If a stepdaughter elects to postpone surgery until after she emancipates will the condition be pre-existing and will your husband still be liable for the expenses if her and her mother wait?

Answer if the daughter isn't his then he won't have to pay medical expenses. if he has her on his insurance take her off. bilogical father is responsible for part of the medical and real mother. if... Read More »