Husband walks with toes pointed outwards (feet are in a v shape when walking)?

Answer We can't diagnose him here he needs to be at least x-rayed. But you should go to an orthopedist (bone doctor), i think he or she would be the best choice for a proper diagnosis. I wish u good luck!

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Is it normal for a dance teacher to duck tape a little girls feet down to the dance mat as an exercise to keep there toes pointed?

I don't see anything concerning with this practice. I am coming from the perspective of martial arts training, which at this age is a form of dance. Alot of these movements are dependent on "muscle... Read More »

How to Draw Pointed Toes?

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How much will the counter top cost if the counter is an L shape measuring 6 feet by 9 feet and 4 feet wide if the coneter material costs 150.00 per linear foot?

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How do we treat tip-toe gait in a 3 year-old ever since he started walking he's been on his tippy toes?

Check into a pediatric orthopedic specialist, and a physical thereapist. Treating it earlier than later will be easier on both of you..