Husband is a pervert?

Answer if he uses firefox download the extension in firefox called SessionsSaver .2it restores the site you were last on when you open if he closes firefox when on a bad website, take the lapto... Read More »

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What would you think about this Pervert?

Your intuition sounds spot-on. Don't talk to this person. Delete and block them immediately. Use the "Report Abuse" feature to help get this profile deleted.To block the person, go to settings>priv... Read More »

Are you related to your husband's brother's wife and husband's sister's husband?

These people are part of your extended family. They are not related by blood to you and there is no simple word for the relationship. They are your husband's sister-in-law and brother-in-law, of co... Read More »

Is Krusty the clown a pervert?

In an episode in which Sideshow Bob steals a nuclear bomb and hides it in a carnival, the owner states that the park has been swept over many times, and the only thing found was three p*rno magazin... Read More »

Who is the biggest pervert on South Park.?

Randy Marsh -1. Brazilian fart porn2. Creme fraiche3. when everyone had some of butter's magic goo he immediately recognized the taste and said "this is ***!"