Hurt sun while pregnant heat?

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Is it safe to use a heat pack while pregnant?

On One Hand: Generally Considered SafeAccording to Dr. Russell Turk, obstetrician and founder of the Riverside Obstetrics and Gynecology, applying heat to a specific part of the body is safe during... Read More »

Is it normal for your teeth to hurt while pregnant?

When you are pregnant you are more likely to get gingivitis, therefore your gums can hurt.No, it sounds like your teeth are sensitive for some other reason that's not pregnancy symptom.The same hor... Read More »

Does caffeine hurt a baby while you are pregnant?

Answer Yes. Caffeine can lead to developmental problems of the baby.It is recommended that you drink no more than two cups of coffee per day while pregnant. None at all if you can manage it.Reme... Read More »

Can it hurt the baby to take exlax while pregnant?

There are some anxiety medications that can be taken while pregnant, but you should always discuss your options with your doctor.