Hung over @ wrk?

Answer Bacon sandwich, can of red bull and a pain killer. God i hate being hung over luckily i only work part time so i go out when im off the next day. I feel much sympathy for you, is there anyway you c... Read More »

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How do you say i am so hung over in Spanish?

Because the term "hung over" is a slang term, the translation varies depending on which Spanish country you are in. The "official" translation is "Estar con resaca" But I know in Mexico, they use t... Read More »

Why do you vomit when your hung over?

What does pre hung mean on doors?

A pre-hung door is a door that comes with the door slab, hinges and frame. A different kind of way doors can be purchased is simply buying the slab--the actual door by itself.References:Ask The Bui... Read More »

How high should a dartboard be hung?

A dartboard should be hung so that the bull's eye is 5 ft. 8 in. from the floor, and the throwing line should be placed 7 ft. 9 1/4 in. from the dartboard. The dartboard should be hung away from wi... Read More »