Hummus Facial Remedies for Age Spots?

Answer Age spots are an unfortunate reality for most men and women. They appear as small brown marks on the body and can also be accredited to exposure to UV rays and not wearing proper protection while o... Read More »

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Natural Facial Brown Spots Remedies?

Brown spots, freckles, age spots---melanin is the culprit responsible for producing these. Melanin, also known as skin pigment, is the substance in our body that produces color. Individuals with da... Read More »

Home Remedies for Age Spots?

To some people, finding their first age spots can be as traumatic as finding their first gray hair. Since age spots, or liver spots, often appear as we mature, many equate them with "getting old." ... Read More »

Home remedies for spots?

Do you mean stains after acne or sun spots? If it's from acne they're very hard to get rid of. Spots from the sun are equally hard to get rid of, but the treatments are essentially the same. The ba... Read More »

Remedies for Age Spots & Blemishes?

Age spots are simply small discolored areas where melanin has collected in excess within the skin of the face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Often referred to as liver spots, age is the leading ... Read More »