Humane vegan way of cutting grass?

Answer You have got to be the best person ever. Honestly, the world is at a lack of apathetic people like you. If everyone would have at-least 1/20 of your compassion, the world would be a much better pla... Read More »

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Cutting grass shirtless?

I sometimes mow the backyard and take my shirt off when I start getting sweaty. I love going shirtless. As long as if your are in-shape...going shirtless is ok.

I have some questions about cutting your grass?

No, grass has roots and rhizomes, you're just chopping the tops can kill grass if you try hard enough, but since much of it is underground yes it can be difficult to eliminateYeah plenty of... Read More »

Some man is in my garden cutting the grass but he didnt knock and i dont know who he is?

For goodness sake! Going to talk to him and asking him what the hell he's doing would be a good start. Poor guy may have been paid by one of your neighbours to cut their grass and has no idea he's ... Read More »

Birds nested under my deck before I started cutting the grass. How do I get them out without hurting them?

I'm guessing the birds you are seeing are these?…If so those are robins...1. Now, take a breather...You don't need to worry about moving them. Robin chicks... Read More »