Humane Homemade Garden Repellents?

Answer Eco-friendly gardening practices include ridding your garden of insect and wildlife pests in a humane way that doesn't harm either the pests or the plants. Protect your plants by using the natural ... Read More »

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Homemade Repellents for Roaches?

Cockroaches are among the most disliked of household pests. They can be brought into the home in grocery bags or laundry, or they can walk into the home through cracks or open doors. They are flat,... Read More »

Do homemade mosquito repellents work?

On One Hand: Many are untestedMany cultures around the world have come up with natural homemade mosquito repellents. Some of these may have been based on trial and error and other simply based on l... Read More »

Homemade Bug Repellents Using Beer & Dish Soap?

You can mix beer with liquid dish soap and other ingredients to keep bugs out of your lawn safely, instead of purchasing harmful pesticides that can harm your health as well as any produce that you... Read More »

Homemade Garden Edging?

Garden edging creates a visual border between your garden bed and the rest of the yard. Edging also helps to keep weeds from invading and makes it easier to mow around your garden without risking d... Read More »