Human bite is it dangerous?

Answer You might need a tetanus babes. Get in touch with your Drs for an appt. Good luck.

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Can a human bite get infected?

Yes, human bites can cause some of the worst infections. We had a case in the ER in 1997 and we had to give the patient 6 weeks of intravenous vancomycin. Its always a good idea to get an antibioti... Read More »

Human bite serious question?

go to the hospital now....i wouldn't even necisarally worry about the germs....i would worry that he severed a nerve

How Do I Clean a Dog Bite on a Human?

Not only can a dog bite be very painful, especially from a larger dog, but it can also be very dangerous. It can damage tissue and muscle and a dog's saliva contains bacteria that will leave the bi... Read More »

How to Treat a Human Bite?

Bites are some of the most underestimated wounds for seeking treatment. Many people who have been bitten put off seeking bite treatment when they really should have. It is best with a human bite to... Read More »