Human Qualities for Non-Human Things?

Answer The practice of attributing human qualities to non-human things, such as plants or animals, is called anthropomorphism. For example, fables that cast animals as characters that speak and talk or pe... Read More »

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What Qualities Make Us Human?

Isolating and categorizing the various qualities of humans depends on philosophy and perspective. The most objective approach is to define humanity through science. By digging deep into humanity's ... Read More »

How to Draw a Female Dolphin With Human Qualities?

Some of the most famous animal drawings had a hybrid of both human and animal characteristics. For example, while Mickey and Minnie Mouse were both rodents, they both possessed remarkably human qua... Read More »

What human qualities were most influential in shaping the way Oprah Winfrey lived and influenced her times?


TH Family: Are you over reacting to the Human connect to Human song?

I agree with you 10000000000%!''personally I'm insulted if people in the TH family have problems with lesbians, gays or bisexuals''I feel the same way. no matter what, you do NOT discriminate again... Read More »