Human Hair Braiding Styles?

Answer People have been braiding hair for many hundreds of years using a variety of techniques. Today, a few styles of braiding are most commonly used to decorate hair as well as hold hair back during spo... Read More »

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Different Styles of Braiding Hair?

Braiding hair is weaving various numbers of strands of hair in a pattern to form a hairstyle. Braids can be made with differing numbers of strands, with three being the most common. Different style... Read More »

Kinky Hair Braiding Styles?

Kinky hair refers to hair that naturally forms a tight, frizzy curl. This hair is typically hard to manage. Braiding is an effective solution for this hair style; it locks strands into a plaited br... Read More »

Kids Hair Braiding Styles?

Braiding a child's hair can result in some beautiful and creative hairstyles. Braids can be combined with unbraided hair, or looped and pinned in an eye-catching manner. The best part of braiding h... Read More »

Corn Row Hair Braiding Styles?

Cornrow hair braiding is a style of braiding near the scalp. This style is known for easy maintenance and can be kept for up to a week as long as the scalp is washed during that time. Popular with ... Read More »