Hugo Gernsback's Inventions?

Answer Aside from being a prolific science fiction writer with a brilliant imagination, Hugo Gernsback had patents on over 80 "inventions," most of which never proved to be of practical use. Fondly known ... Read More »

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Who was Victor Hugo?

A Poet, a Novelist, a Dramatist, and a Politician.

What is the origin of the name Hugo?

Hugo is a boy’s name of Latin origin. It is a variant of the name, Hugh, which means “soul, mind, and intellect.” It is a very common first and last name.References:Think Baby Names: Baby Nam... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Hugo?

According to Parents Connect, the meaning of the name Hugo is "mind" as well as "heart" or "spirit." The name, which is of German origin, is a variant of Hugh.References:Parents Connect: Hugo

Is Citgo owned by Hugo Chavez?

Hugo Chavez does not personally own Citgo Petroleum; rather, the company, Petroleos de Venezuela S.A., which is owned by the country of Venezuela, has ownership of the company. As president and hea... Read More »