Huge lump on ankle. Could it be cancer?

Answer Do not panic. It does not sound like cancer at all. As I was reading through your question ' lipoma' is what spring into my mind as I was reading. As your doctor said this is a benign fatty tumour ... Read More »

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How do you know if a breast lump could be cancer?

There is no way to know if a breast lump is cancerous without consulting a doctor; then if s/he has cause for concern s/he will refer you for tests. You can't self-diagnoose.But at 17 your chances ... Read More »

Lump in rectum, could it be prostate cancer?

You must have misunderstood as a lump in the rectum would have nothing to do with prostate cancer and I would be a little concerned about a doctor who did not know you just had blood work as that s... Read More »

I have a lump Please help I'm worried it could be cancer I'm 15 male?

Sounds like puberty to me. You get all kinds of lumps that go away. Means nothing.

I am 18 years old and off late I've noticed a lump in my breast, could it possibly be brest cancer?

Unlikely; the chances of breast cancer at 18 are one in 1.3 million. Statistically you are more than twice as likely to be struck by lightning (one in 500,000 chance)And even in women old enough fo... Read More »