Hubby loves pork chops...Im tired of the same ole thing any ideas?

Answer One really yummy way to have pork chops is to butterfly and stuff them with a cornbread stuffing to which you've added sausage and apple pie filling, along with some herbs like sage. Pan fry just l... Read More »

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What is the funniest/cutest thing you've come home and found your hubby & baby doing?

I'm with her all the time, but I do love watching him play with our daughter.

Any ideas on where 2 take my hubby for his bday in NYC?

I've been to Red Lobster once, hated it, been to Applebee's twice, with my little sister. No place to go if you are an adult! It's pathetic! Go to and you will see all the hottest... Read More »

Hubby and i are stumped with ideas for friday night date!!?

I happen to feel that when we "plan" things meticulously, something always goes wrong. So why not hire a babysitter from like 6-10 and go from there. See how the weather is. Maybe you could eat out... Read More »

40th Birthday Ideas in North/Northwest Chi-town Burbs for Hubby?