Hub Bearing Assembly Information?

Answer Today's vehicles usually have wheel bearings as part of a whole hub assembly. Wheel bearings are the only part that connects the vehicle's body to its wheels. Knowing when they need to be replaced ... Read More »

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What Is a Hub Bearing Assembly?

The hub bearing assembly is part of the mechanism of a car wheel. It is the assembly of hubs and bearings that facilitate the rotation of the wheel on the road surface.

How to Replace a Hub Bearing Assembly?

A vehicle's wheels spin freely because they ride on machined, precision bearings. The bearings on some vehicles must be removed, cleaned and then repacked with grease. The wheel bearings in other v... Read More »

How to Remove a Hub & Bearing Assembly?

The hub and bearing assembly on vehicles serves a very important function. The hub, which rides on an axle shaft, contains inner and outer bearings that not only support the weight of the vehicle b... Read More »

Definition of a Hub Bearing Assembly?

A hub bearing assembly is the part of the wheel that contains the bearings. The bearings perform the function of ensuring that the wheels turn smoothly and steadily over the road surface.