Hub Assembly Installation?

Answer The wheel hub assembly in your vehicle is made up of the hub and the bearings it contains. A damaged hub or bearings can result in poor wheel stability and also cause your wheels to become misalign... Read More »

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Headlight Assembly Installation?

You may decide to replace a vehicle's headlight assembly when the lens is damaged, or the cost of replacing headlights or wiring outweighs the cost of replacing the entire assembly. Fortunately, by... Read More »

Wheel Hub Assembly Installation?

Everyone knows what a wheel is; however, few are familiar with a wheel hub assembly although it's just as important a part. The wheel hub assembly connects the wheel to the chassis, and it's compri... Read More »

Belt Tensioner Assembly Installation?

The belt tensioner assembly is a spring-loaded pulley used to draw tension on the serpentine belt. The tensioner can work itself loose over the years and prevent the belt from being tight along the... Read More »

Passat Installation of Headlight Assembly?

Many Passat owners change out headlight assemblies for a number of different reasons. Whether you are looking to upgrade your headlights, or you need a new assembly because yours is damaged, the pr... Read More »