Https vs http?

Answer There are a couple of reasons first let me explain the differance:http send everything you do in plan text for any one to read.https encrypts everything you do so that no one can read what you type... Read More »

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How to Block Http/Https Upload on Cyberoam?

In this article, we will show how to block uploads over http/https traffic on Cyberoam

My dad blocked https://facebook and http://facebook. What do i do?

Join twitter. Or get a phone and join from there.

How to View Https SSL Web Pages?

Most of the websites on the Internet are not secure. This means that when you receive data, anyone who can get that data can read it. This doesn't usually matter, because the pages are public anywa... Read More »

How do I Deactivate/Get rid of: HTTPS Security Warning Pop-Up?

You go to Programs. Or open the window for Scheduled Tasks or similar heading depending on the computer. Once you find the command that makes the Security Warning, delete it.