Html code for creating Tables?

Answer row 1, cell 1row 1, cell 2row 2, cell 1row 2, cell 2

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What are the disadvantages of learning HTML code when creating a website?

As with many things, there is a big difference between learning how and learning why. Early schooling teaches you how, like how to add 1 plus 1. Later learning teaches you why, like why addition wo... Read More »

What's the html code for centering text horizontally and vertically in an empty html page?

This should work: TEXT GOES HERE.Keep in mind though that you aren't centering the entire inner div but its top edge.You can also use margin: auto; to center an element in its parent element, this ... Read More »

How to Export HTML Tables to XLS?

Exporting a table from a web page into Microsoft Excel can provide a simple way to do additional data processing on the information provided on the web site.There are several commercial products av... Read More »

How do i align html tables to the right of text?

Type in the HTML code before entering in your table data. This will move the table to the right side of the page, allowing you to include additional text on the left side of the outside of the tab... Read More »