Htc hd2 smartphone when available?

Answer most people don't supply iphones that are jailbroken luckily you can do it both on mac OS x and windows operating systems you might have some trouble on Linux just check a youtube tutorial

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Do you have to use an smartphone plan with an smartphone?

In order to use the iPhone, you must use a smartphone plan, but some Android phones may be compatible with PrePaid plans. This will, however, still require smartphone data.

Differences Between a Smartphone & a Non-Smartphone?

A smartphone combines the features of an ordinary mobile phone with many of the advantages of a PDA such as email capability and scheduling. Modern smartphones also offer media capabilities, such a... Read More »

Can you add wi-fi to smartphone?

Wi-Fi SimplifiedWi-Fi is a common term for wireless technology that facilitates the transmission of data over short distances using radio frequencies. One device sends out the signal and another re... Read More »

What smartphone should I get?

Yes an andriod phone, samsung galaxy fits are alot more skilled with more memory ... I would recormend it to anyone really good download apps and alot more too !!