Htc hd2 smartphone when available?

Answer most people don't supply iphones that are jailbroken luckily you can do it both on mac OS x and windows operating systems you might have some trouble on Linux just check a youtube tutorial

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Are wifi only available for smartphone?

Smartphones only have built in Wi-fi to use internet, if aint smartphone then Wi-fi wouldn't be any good if didnt have a web browser.

Is simultaneous voice and data available on an Android smartphone?

I don't know about every single Android phone out there (the software is open source, allowing a number of manufacturers to produce Android phones), but I'm able to do it on my Motorola Droid 2.

Do you have to use an smartphone plan with an smartphone?

In order to use the iPhone, you must use a smartphone plan, but some Android phones may be compatible with PrePaid plans. This will, however, still require smartphone data.

Differences Between a Smartphone & a Non-Smartphone?

A smartphone combines the features of an ordinary mobile phone with many of the advantages of a PDA such as email capability and scheduling. Modern smartphones also offer media capabilities, such a... Read More »