Hp photoshop scanner won't work?

Answer Hi AprilFirst, un-install the software completely. Then, remove the USB from the printer. Now, re-install the software and at one point, HP will tell you to connect the USB to the scanner. After do... Read More »

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How come my scanner wont work?

HiYou ned to uninstall and re-install the drivers correctly in this fashion.Un-install all the software and drivers.Power on the scanner/printer but disconnect the usb cable from the printer only.N... Read More »

Why wont my scanner work?

Obviously the best people who can helop in this case are the Lexmark support guys.But you can try these things:1. Every product has a product ID which by entering into the computer your Lexmark dea... Read More »

Why wont my finger scanner work?

restart the computer and let it run a few seconds on the log in screen. mine does this sometimes and that works.

Do you need a scanner to work with photoshop?

No, you can start drawing on the computer, you will need a scanner to upload your acctual drawings into the computer. If you just want to use the computer as a drawing tool.