Hp monitor input signal out of range w1707 windows 7 help?

Answer Reset your monitor to default factory settings from it's OSD menu.Then reboot your computer, and tap F12 (usually) until you get the option to boot into safe mode. Do so, and reset your graphics dr... Read More »

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Ive been given a hp 1502 monitor but when i plug it in it says input signal out of range please help?

Lower the resolution setting of your computer, your monitor cannot display it.set for default grahics setting

Input signal out of range! even when i click safe mode it still says this, how do i stop it!!!!!!!!?

It sounds like it is trying to make an Internet connection automatically every time you boot up or log on. And if that is happening, it most likely is trying for a specific wireless Access Point t... Read More »

Why would my computer monitor is black and says "no signal input" everything else is on?

From the onset there could be dozens of reasons why, but I will go over a few I can think of right now.1. Monitor is defective and is not registering input the VGA plug may have been defective or b... Read More »

Computer monitor says "No Input Signal" and goes to power save?

The posbilites are:-# Loose cable, or bent pins on cable.# Loose video card.# burnt out power for the video card chip on mainboard (smells bad).# Video card is dead.The most common cause of this pr... Read More »