Hows this for another quickie LOL?

Answer It's sounds so yummy! It's perfect!! Now I want to make some!

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How long is a quickie?

Enough for the guy to get what he wants and short enough for the girl to be left disappointed. That's the proper way to engage in a quickie. Cheers.

How to Change a Quickie Mop?

Quikie mops are one way to clean your floors without having to get your hands wet. Each mop comes with a built-in wringer that squeezes dirty water out of the mop. Part of the use and care of any m... Read More »

Hows the vizio TV?

Vizios do not have the same level of performance as the top tier sets. That doesn't mean that you wouldn't get reasonable enjoyment out of the set.The quality is not as good and the reliability is ... Read More »

Hows the best way to get rid of a headache?

Get rid of the one that gave you the headache for starters, And then take two asprin and call me in the morning.