How's about a Fruit survey?

Answer 1) Apple or Pear? Apple2) Oranges or Tangerines? Tangerines3) Bananas or Plums? Banana, one of my favorites.4) Mango or Papaya? Mango5) Strawberries or Cherries? Cherries6) Pomegranate or Pineapple... Read More »

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Anyone up for a simple Fruit survey?

1) Pears2) Apricots3) Cherries4) Watermelon5) Oranges6) LemonYum, they all sound so delicious! I can't wait until summer, when everything is fresh and in season!

Anyone up for a simple Fruit/Vegetable Survey?

Hi Scooter this time I'm sayin goodnight, smiles. Hope yours will be OK1. Yowee tough choices all, I'll say blueberries first but love Cherries too.2. Corn3. tangerines4. lettuce5. Pomegr... Read More »

A comparison survey... What fruit would you say best fits?

Survey:Which fruit juice do you drink with your breakfast?

I can't. I just drink water with breakfast..Being that i'm a diabetic, fruit juice sends my blood glucose levels in to craziness.