How/What to use to clean a camera lense?

Answer In my opinion here's the truth of it. I've been a photographer in one way or another for over 30-years.First, never breath on your lens. Your breath carries moisture which gets into the lens - a ... Read More »

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How can I clean my camera lense?

Put a dab of Windex on a tissue and wipe it clean that way.

How to clean point and shoot camera lense?

Very simple thing to do.You'll need: -Microfiber cleaning cloth (You can buy them easily but you get them with new TVs, glasses and you can buy them for iPods/iPhones)-Air blower-Soft brush (like a... Read More »

Can I find a small lense and a flash for my old fashion canon Camera camera?

Obviously depends on quality of the pictures, but you should get about 300-500.

How do you get fog out of your camera lense?

yes, photography dates back till past 1860 and the civil war