How your life would be if you no longer can ONLINE?

Answer OMFG!!!!am i dreaming or is it real!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!did u just said what i think u said????like HORRIBLE!!!!except id b kinda skinnier!!!! LOL!!!um...but like in 2010 or sumthin wer not gonn... Read More »

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How to Improve Nutrition for Longer Life?

You don’t want to lose your teeth if you can also live longer and healthier by related diet and nutrition, and without numerous health problems that can be traced to sugar. Avoid assuming that pi... Read More »

Can You Get VA Life Insurance if You Are No Longer in the Service?

The name of the insurance actually answers the question. It is Veteran's Group Life Insurance (VGLI) and only available to a veteran after he leaves the service. Until that point, the coverage is S... Read More »

Does a twin mattress need box springs for longer life?

A box spring provides support and a solid foundation, reducing normal wear and tear and extending the life of a mattress. Not using a box spring, or using one that was not designed for your specifi... Read More »

Which type of television has the longer life span LCD or Plasma?

Answer Hi, That's relatively easy to answer. It's LCD. Since I worked on them for the last couple of years, I've personally decided that Plasma sets tend to break down much faster than LCD sets.... Read More »