How young are you when u start drink beer,whisky and wine.?

Answer I started drinking around age 35. Drinking age was 18 when I was young, but didn't care for the bar scene. When I turned 21, (age was then raised), my friends took me out for a drink, which I beg... Read More »

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When a cardiologist tells you to drink a little red wine,how much does he mean for you to drink?

New Haven, Conn. — A review article of the latest studies looking at red wine and cardiovascular health shows drinking two to three glasses of red wine daily is good for the heart, according to a... Read More »

When home do you, drink wine or another drink?

just water , Bob . I am spirited enough without alcohol * smiles * D :)

Why is it that so many teens start to drink at a young age?

Peer Pressure...Parents...School...All the lovely things kiddos stress about is why...

When I was a young lad I was stung by a bee. Am I still able to drink orange juice?

Only if you drink it whilst standing on your head and changing your name to bzz bzz.