How you you change the font on a samsung repp?

Answer try downloading the font changer app on your phone

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How do I change the font size on my Samsung Behold?

This is going to sound absolutely insane...go to your inbox, open up a message, then press the volume key on the left (lower the volume). This changes the font of your inbox messages. When you give... Read More »

How do I change font size of T-Mobile Samsung Gravity 2?

if you're reading a text, and you press the volume buttons on the side, it makes the text size bigger or smaller.HTH.

Can the font size be changed on a Samsung intercept?

Font Size Increased In Samsung Corby Pro B5310 - Help Needed?

There are various way to change the printer font size from various office and graphic applications. As basics, changing the font size of your office documents is a start. Changes in font size can a... Read More »