How you pronounced Indianapolis?

Answer indian-ap-o-lis.

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How Is Ricoh Pronounced?

Ricoh is one of the leading providers of office equipment such as printers, fax machines, office supplies and other services. It is also an equipment provider with a unique name that some people do... Read More »

How is gojira pronounced?

How is Wikipedia pronounced?

There isn't really an "official" pronunciation. What I would suggest for you would be to try saying the individual word "wiki" and then the suffix "-pedia". How you say each of these will determine... Read More »

How is diabetes pronounced Dia-bee-TEES or Dia-bee-TIS?…Click on the little speakers to hear the pronounciations.Generally, both are acceptable but Dia-bee-TEES (dI-&-'bE-tEz) is the most used.