How you have to treat child with blind and autism?

Answer 42 millions that we know of.

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How to Treat Autism?

Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are developmental disabilities that cause considerable impairments in social interplay and communication and the existence of atypical behavior and preoccupation. A... Read More »

When considering custody of a child with autism will the court take into account who has been caring for the child in the past?

Answer Yes, the courts will take into consideration the person or persons who have dramatically helped the child even in a custody battle. If one parent is only babying the child and not getting he... Read More »

How do you feel about the use of Marijuana to treat autism. ?

I have not looked into cannabis for *autism*, so I'm not just going to spout an opinion without something to back it up. I just want to comment on the fact that most of the answers on this question... Read More »

How to treat popped blind pimple?

Maybe you have to use a needle to open it so the blood can run out, because that's it what is causing the dark mark. You squeezed to hard. You should have got some alcohol on it as disinfection and... Read More »