How you have to treat child with blind and autism?

Answer 42 millions that we know of.

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When considering custody of a child with autism will the court take into account who has been caring for the child in the past?

Answer Yes, the courts will take into consideration the person or persons who have dramatically helped the child even in a custody battle. If one parent is only babying the child and not getting he... Read More »

How to Parent a Child With Autism?

Autistic child stacking cans.After careful evaluation, your child has been diagnosed as someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now what? How do you live with this and how do you help your child hav... Read More »

How to Communicate With a Child Who Has Autism?

Does your child have autism? Do you find it hard to understand him/her? Maybe this can help.

How to Teach a Child With Autism?

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