How you can use a wireless head phone?

Answer good if you like loud music

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Sound Reinforcement fuzz heard through wireless head phone system using Mackie PA?

Sennheiser 202's Mark II, I don't own them but they have many good reviews, I own these and they are brilliant! Sennheiser HD 555

Do they make wireless head phones that will allow me to listen to things on my ipod iphone laptop and tv I would like to find this in an ear bud so I dont have a big apparatus on my head Thanks?

Are JVC DJ head phone better then ecko unlitd pulse head phones?

Yes! They are some of the best headphones I've ever heard

Will any wireless head set work on this DVD player?

Most wireless headsets plug into a headset output connector for the input signal. On another point most of these headsets are range poor. A constant dependable signal might be as little as 10 to 20... Read More »